Planning Permissions

Building Permission

Most novice Self Builders believe that once they are in receipt of Detailed Planning Consent they are clear to commence building work.

There is one more final hurdle to clear however before building work commences. It is important to appreciate that you require Building Permission granted by the Local Councilís Building Control department.

Your development is required to comply with Building Regulations which cover such aspects as access, heating and ventilation and energy and conservation. In addition Building Control also identifies the minimum structural requirements such as fire protection, the number and size of roof timbers based on roof size and general requirements re health and safety for the future occupants of the building.

Where you have elected to proceed with a traditional build your Architect will normally guide you in the right direction re information for Building Control. Where you have elected to proceed with a kit build you will normally find that the kit builder will provide you with a pack of standard construction details to assist Building Control.

With the exception of Scotland upon receipt of Building Permission you are now clear to commence your development.

In Scotland you require a Building Warrant before you commence our development.

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