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Building Warrants (Scotland Only)

Many a developer venturing north of the border has lived to regret not applying for a Building Warrant.

The building control system in Scotland varies from the remainder of the UK.

It is the building warrant that is the legal permission to commence building works and is granted by the Local Council. The Building Control Officers of the Local Council have the responsibility for granting building warrants. In their assessment of your application for a building warrant they are required to apply the standards as set by the national building regulations. In Scotland these requirements are set by The Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations.

When applying for a Building Warrant it is essential that the submitted plans provide sufficient detail to clearly indicate the nature of your proposals, the type of materials being used, the position of appliances proposed, and drainage details. Structural design calculations and a SAP energy rating will also be required.

Once submitted the application is formally recorded by the Local Council to enable the Local Council to chart its course through the warrant process.

Each Local Council's time for processing warrant applications varies. In most instances it would be their intention to prepare an assessment within 4-6 weeks. The nature and presentation of the warrant application obviously determines the speed at which an application can be processed. Work closely from the outset with the building Control Officers from the outset to ensure that your submission is comprehensive to assist the process.

Where your plans do not comply with the standards it is customary for Building Control to give you the opportunity to amend your plans accordingly to assist re-assessment and hopefully compliance.

My own experience throughout Scotland is that a developer should allow approximately 10 weeks for this process.

Note it is possible to run your application for Detailed Planning Permission (DPP) with your Building Warrant Application concurrently in order to save time. My own experience with this is that is rarely if ever successful.

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