Planning Permissions

Detailed Planning Permission (DPP)

The application for Detailed Planning Permission (DPP) represents the next stage in the planning approval process.

As its name suggests this is where the applicant is firming up and in effect detailing his proposed development for the Planners further consideration.

At this stage the applicant is normally at the minimum required to provide the following information.

  • A Location Plan at either 1:1250 or 1:2500 with site area outlined in red. Any plan is required to indicate the direction of North and any adjoining land which is owned by the Applicant must edged with blue lines.
  • A Site Plan at either 1:500 or 1:200 showing the building relative to site boundaries and any other buildings located within the site. It is a pre-requisite that any new or amended site access for vehicles or pedestrians should also be indicated. The Site Plan should also show the spread, size, position and species of all trees both within or adjacent the surrounding area.
  • Elevations at either 1:100 or 1:50 advising the external appearance of the building, the type of materials to be employed and their colour.
  • Floor Plans at either 1:100 or 1:50 advising the floor plan of each storey of the building.

It is at this stage that the planners are seeking to consider granting approval of the details (known as 'reserved matters').

These reserved matters would normally comprise the following

Access - The access route proposed will be a major consideration to the Planners in particular where a new access is being proposed as part of the development. The Planners will give due consideration to impact of neighbouring properties, highway safety and the environment generally.

External Appearance - Consideration will be given to the surrounding environment in the review process.

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Siting - Consideration shall be given to the proposed development's relationship with other existing buildings on and off the site , the positioning of windows, orientation on the site and structure size and height, and how development may affect them and their owners.

Landscaping - The natural features of the land and surrounding area e.g. ground levels, hedgerows and trees - the alteration or indeed possible removal of which could be detrimental or indeed in contravention of existing legislation.

Design - Potential obstructions to any development for example overhead cables, telegraph poles, electricity pylons and water courses running over or under the plot.

When applying for Detailed Planning Permission (DPP) an Application Form is normally available for download from the Local Council's website which will clearly identify that which you are required to provide.

Again as previously with Outline Planning Permission (OPP) once submitted to the Local Council it is effectively stamped in by them with the Application submission dates recorded and they will normally advise a time period when they will publish their decision. The unique reference number allocated by the Local Council at Outline Planning Application stage will again be used to enable you to track your application for Detailed Planning Permission (DPP) throughout the review period. Again this can vary dependant on locality and size of Planning Officer's workload. Normally though most Local Council's seek to notify the Applicant in respect of their decision within 6-10 weeks.

As previously indicated Detailed Planning Permission must be submitted within three years of the granting of Outline Planning Permission.

Building work must commence on development within 2 years of Detailed Planning Permission being granted.

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