Planning Permissions

Listed Building Consent

Buildings are 'Listed' because they are considered to be of special architectural or historic interest and a s a result require special protection. Listing protects the whole building, both inside and out and possibly also adjacent buildings if they were erected prior to 1st July 1948.

The principle reason for this is to protect the building and its surroundings from changes which will materially alter the special historic or architectural importance of the building or its setting.

The list of buildings is prepared by the Department of Culture, Media & Sport and properties are scheduled into one of the three grades: Grade 1; Grade11* and Grade 111 with Grade 1 being the highest grade. In Scotland the Grades are A,B & C.

Over 90% of listed properties fall within Grade 11.

Listed Building Consent is required in order to carry out any works to a Listed Building which will impact its special value for listing purposes. This will almost certainly be necessary for any major works, but also be necessary for minor alterations and possibly even repairs and maintenance. Listed Building Consent may also be necessary for a change in the use of the property.

You may require to submit a Listed Building Application where your proposal does not directly affect the Listed building but is close enough to potentially affect the 'setting' of a listed building. Your proposal may need to be sympathetically altered to suit the circumstances.

Applications for Listed Building Consent are made in a similar manner to normal planning applications on an application form obtainable from the Local Council. Where you require planning permission for your proposal then the two applications can be submitted simultaneously. There is no fee applicable for the Listed Building Consent application.

The Listed Building Consent application will be considered in the same manner as a normal planning application and the Local Council will approve, approve with conditions or refuse the application.

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