Planning Permissions

Planning Appeal

Where you have sought Planning Permission for your development and that application has either.

  • Not been decided within a set period or
  • The Local Authority refuses your application or grants it on conditions that you disagree with

It is normal that there exists a right to appeal.

It must be remembered that it is only the Applicant for the Planning Permission that can submit an appeal.

The appeal is made to the Secretary of State for England or, for applications relating to land or property in Wales, to the National Assembly for Wales. These appeals are administered by the Planning Inspectorate.

The deadline for submitting such appeals is 6 months from the date of application decision letter or in the case of non determination 6 months from the date when decision should have been made.

When considering an appeal it would be prudent to engage professional advice from a Planning Consultant to give yourself either the best opportunity of securing a successful outcome.


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