Why Self-Build? The Benefits of Self-Building

A question that is often asked of me within lectures is - Is it not too much hassle to Self Build?

Many people I believe have viewed Grand Designs and remembered episodes where pensioners have been stuck in their caravans at the bottom of the garden in the midst of Winter whilst awaiting their dream home to be delivered on the back of a lorry from Germany.

One sector that seems to still be outperforming all other sectors of the construction industry in the current financial climate is that of - the self-builders. At the height of the UK property boom there were 22,000 self built homes completed every year. When you review and consider this figure it represents a figure higher than that of any of the listed house-builders and accordingly constitutes a major contribution to the overall housing stock in the UK.

In 2008 it is estimated by various reliable sources that between 23,500 - 24,500 opted to self-build.

So why do so many people self build each year?

In my opinion there are six main factors which motivate the Self Builder.

  1. The ability to be able to locate a build in your elected location or catchment area (subject to availability).
  2. The ability to design a home to meet your lifestyle and/or possibly expanding family's requirements.
  3. The ability to get more 'Bang for your Buck'. Possibly the major reason currently where the credit crunch has encoged large volume developers to sell off their land banks at considerable discounts. Effectively playing right into the hands of the Self Builder.
  4. The ability to design a home utilising innovative products.
  5. Many now wish to live in a more eco friendly and sustainable property than otherwise available.
  6. The overwhelming sense of achievement that is gained from seeing such a venture from inception through design to completion.

In the current credit crunch it is apparent that the British housing market represents one of the major casualties of the economic turmoil with the resultant repossessions, decline in house prices, mass redundancies and restricted mortgage lending.

Notwithstanding Build Store, the self build and renovation specialist are currently reporting a huge rise in demand for its services. Clearly the nation's frustrated homeowners are taking matters into their own hands.

This recent surge in demand evidences that homeowners are taking advantage of the increase in land availability (up 50% in the last 12 months) and a decline in land prices (down 20% in the last 6 months).

Self Build currently offers homeowners an alternative way to climb the property ladder. Homeowners everywhere are rapidly coming to the conclusion that by building a house themselves, they can save money, protect against negative equity and get the house they truly desire as opposed to a home that has been built without their own input.

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